Tonight!!!!!!!!! #brandnew #ATX
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The face of one who would not stop crying on the drive back to Austin. She hates being in the car! #dog #atx #longdrives
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Time to play some #Borderlands TPS! :D I’ve been dying to play it all day.
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I got this cute #HelloKitty gift at work today. Thanks again @domthebomb08! It has tiny little bat wings 💗!
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Enjoying this nice Friday off from work ^-^ #TGIF #blue
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Kicking some ass & becoming legends w/ @saldsaiyan on #Destiny! #Legends
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Working on a project for the Destiny Fans Extra Life stream! #crossstitch #Destiny #extralife
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I’ve had this pain far to much lately…
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Me when I play Rumble


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